Motherboard – in development

Motherboard is an autobiographical smartphone feature doc that brings to life the stories and secrets archived in the mobile phones I’ve owned over the years. From a Nokia 8310 to the iphone X, we will uncover hundreds of messages, emails, videos and photos that create a digital family album that spans nearly two decades.

Key stories center around an unplanned pregnancy in 2003, the complex decisions when bringing up a child alone, the conflicted emotions about reconnecting with a father who’s been gone for over a decade, and more recently a breast cancer diagnosis.

Motherboard is one of the first feature documentaries to be shot on an iphone X. I’ve filmed my time in waiting rooms, CT scans, ultrasounds, chemotherapy sessions and hospital stays. This is a story with great highs, grim lows, secrets, loves and surprises. It will be bold, brutally honest and ultimately a celebration of a modern single parent family.

Motherboard was recently awarded the The Women in Film And TV Pat Llewellyn Bursary