Motherboard – in development

Motherboard is a smartphone feature film which documents the last 16 years of raising my son alone. Motherboard will document my son Jim growing up on camera, capturing each twist and turn of his childhood, from the thumbs up he gave me during my first scan to his first day at college.

This story will be told via the messages, photos and videos hidden in the phones I have owned since 2000. Key stories include an unplanned pregnancy, reconnecting with Jim’s father who was absent for over a decade and my recent breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

These emotional storylines will be overlaid with all the classic trials and tribulations of being a teenage boy in London.
Over the years, I have recorded every key event of our family life. Like a Documentary Boyhood, I will use the photos and videos in my phone archive to capture the challenges but also the many joys of seeing my son turn from child to adult.

This is a story with great highs, grim lows, secrets, loves and lies. It will be bold, brutally honest and ultimately a celebration of a modern single parent family.