Motherboard At 38, I found myself single, pregnant and broke. Decades later, I’m still single, still broke, but happy to have spent the last 18 years raising my son Jim alone. Unable to combine the life of a freelancer with raising a child alone, I let go of my career in TV. But I never gave up filming, and over the intervening years I collected a vast archive of photos and videos, capturing each twist and turn of Jim’s life, from the thumbs-up he gave me during my first scan to Jim’s first day at college.

stromectol buy cheap Key stories include reconnecting with Jim’s absent father after over a decade, my breast cancer diagnosis, and the challenges of living with Jim in a small London flat during a global pandemic. MOTHERBOARD is the first feature documentary in which each of these key dramas is shot entirely on mobile phones. I’ve documented the pain, the tears , the sickness and the trauma Jim and I have experienced over the years , but I’ve also documented the good times too. MOTHERBOARD will explore the chaos, the pain but also the love and the comedy of our family life.

buy Lyrica online cheap MOTHERBOARD is an honest and raw portrait of motherhood, and of the complicated relationships between sons and mothers, at any age. Many parents are raising children alone, by choice or by circumstance. MOTHERBOARD will celebrate the fact that families now come in all shapes and sizes.

order ivermectin mastercard MOTHERBOARD has recently been acquired by Autlook Filmsales, one of the leading sales agents for feature documentaries, hybrids and doc series